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Traditional, reactive lateral searches consist primarily of a recruiter keeping a candidate informed of any and all opportunities that match up with his or her search parameters. While we feel that’s an important part of any search, we look at that as more of a jumping off point for a search rather than the entire service offered on our part. We want to place you in your ideal job, not just the best job that happens to be available at the time of your search. This is why we offer our proactive search option.

With our proactive search, we want to get a sense of what your ideal landing spot looks like – Do you prefer Biglaw or a boutique? Is it important to you that they match market pay? How large of a group do you want to join? Is it important that you join a firm recognized for pro bono/diversity/associate satisfaction? Answers to all of these questions help us get a sense of the profile of firm and a specific group that appeals to you. From that we’re able to put together a target list of firms we believe could be good fits for you, regardless of whether they have a posted opening or not.

After you’ve had a chance to look over the target list and you’ve let us know which firms you’d like us to target, we get to work vetting these firms as options for you. We do that by reaching out to practice group chairs and hiring partners and getting a sense of whether they’re in the market for someone with your credentials. We never reveal who you are or where you work in these initial conversations, but providing a vague profile allows us to vet options for you while preserving your confidentiality. In most cases, the members of a particular practice group are aware of a need to make a hire well before the firm approves the recruiting department to run a search. Additionally, when it comes to people with superb credentials, top firms are willing to make opportunistic hires, whether they have a posted need or not. This allows you to cast a wider net when running your search, while simultaneously limiting your search to only those firms that would be an ideal fit.

This is just the quick overview and we would welcome the opportunity to take 15 minutes of your time, go over it in more detail and answer any questions you may have. Over half our placements come from proactive searches, and for good reason – we’re able to help you find the job you want, not just the best of what’s available.