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Prestige Legal Search’s Targeted Search offers firms a more efficient, effective alternative to the industry’s traditional search format. Our Targeted Search cuts down on administrative work for law firm recruiting staff, it increases the efficacy of the search being run, it broadens the marketplace and, most importantly, it provides law firms with only their ideal candidates.

With a traditional search, a law firm will post a new job and recruiters will do their best to attract the interest of candidate they believe to be a good fit for the firm. The law firm recruiting team will then spend hours sifting through the resumes that various recruiters provide and more time thereafter working with the partners in the given group to decide which candidates the group would like to screen. This is a time-consuming process, primarily for the law firm recruiting team, which may not yield results for weeks or months.

Our Targeted Search differs in that we take much of the time-consuming aspects of a search off of the law firm recruiting team’s desk and deliver only the candidates the group has an interest in screening.

How it Works

Once you pin down the general parameters of a given search, simply let our team know that you would like to run a Targeted Search for your need. We’ll then take 15-20 minutes of your time getting to know exactly what the partners running the search would like to see. Though firms have general standards for their lateral associate candidates, we all know that the individual partners running a search have things that are very important to them.

Do they only want to look at candidates from top 20 law schools? With honors? With federal clerkships? With government experience? From specific peer firms? Do they prefer diversity candidates? Do they want candidates to have specific expertise walking in the door or are they happy to hire bright candidates with an interest in their practice?

Once you give us as specific of parameters as you can, we’ll put together a collection of profiles of ideal candidates for you to look over briefly. Simply let us know which of the candidates on the shortlist you would like us to target and we’ll get to work.

How Does This Benefit You?

It cuts down on the time and energy your legal recruiting staff has to set aside for each search. It limits the candidates you see to those you’ve already identified as a potentially great fit. And it allows us to attract the interest of candidates who may not be on the market.

Many of the best candidates in your market are not actively looking for a new position. Most of those candidates won’t take or return general recruiting calls about new opportunities. However, if we’re able to target candidates and let them know that an individual client specifically asked us to give them a call, the odds of us being able to interest them in your opportunity significantly improve. Therefore, not only are we solely targeting candidates who are ideal fits, we’re expanding your search beyond just the candidates who are actively looking to make a move. We are giving you potential access to some of the best candidates in the marketplace, many of whom you would never see through traditional search methods.

Additionally, the more information we have about your firm generally, and the search specifically, the better positioned we are to be your advocate in the market. The most effective searches we run are those in which we’re prepared to provide insight not readily available on your firm’s website. When we can highlight unique selling points and when we’re prepared to tackle potential objections and questions we’re in the best position to advocate on your behalf. As the first point of contact for potential candidates, the more information you provide us, the better candidates we can bring you.

Less Work For You, Better Results For Your Firm – Let us run a Targeted Search for your firm today!